Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Japan 2011 Day 6 (July 2): Baking, D&D, & Nobuko-san’s birthday party

Brendan preparing for D&D in Japanese

Well, today we slept until 6:00 am. It’s getting better...
We had a Japanese-stye breakfast this morning, with rice, soup, veggies, greens, & tamago yaki. After breakfast Tomoko, Nobuko-san, & I went shopping for lunch & dinner supplies, & a few baking supplies. I’d brought a lot but we needed butter for the scones. 
When we got back we started right in with scone-making while Brendan prepared for the afternoon D&D game. I had brought a silicone mini scone pan & it fit perfectly into Nobuko-san’s convection oven. We made gingerbread scones with candied ginger inside & they turned out really well. We had them for lunch along with breads, salads, & some leftovers.
After lunch we played D&D with Shin-kun & Dai-chan. Brendan simplified things quite a bit because the younger brother, Dai-chan, wasn’t tolerating much waiting between turns. Tomoko & I did a lot of translating & Brendan really pushed himself as well & we had quite an engaging afternoon playing. The older brother, Shin-kun, who’s 12, seemed really interested in the details of the game & read along in the Japanese player’s manual as we played, so we really hope he’ll be able to find some friends to play with & try it again.
We rested a bit afterward, then Tomoko & I started cooking for Nobuko-san’s birthday dinner. We prepared different sandwich fillings & salads- I made American-style egg salad- & then put out condiments & side-dishes as well.
L-R: Shin-kun, Keiko-san, Nobuko-san, Tomoko; Seated: Dai-chan & Kazehiro-san

 When Keiko-san & her family arrived at dinner time, she had korokke as well as the birthday cake & treats. Nine people really filled Nobuko-san’s dining room & we ate buffet-style. 
I crocheted a kusadama kinchaku (flower bag) for Nobuko-san's birthday
Tomoko translating our American birthday card for Nobuko-san

We gave Nobuko-san her gifts after dinner & then sang Happy Birthday & had cake. The boys sort of evapourated afterwards & we adults sat around & chatted about this & that. It was very relaxing & fun to be able to participate in the conversation. 

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