Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Japan 2015 Day 14: Back to Tokyo

Today was a pack, eat as much of the leftovers as possible for breakfast, & get to the station day.

We pretty much emptied the fridge onto the table & tried to eat as much as possible, since we couldn't take it with us.

It was also kind of a hurry-up-and-wait-day. Not an easy thing for kids to do. We had asked the house guys to pick us up & take us to the station at 10:30. Dai-kun had business in Kobe, so he left for the train station before we got going.  Momo & Hiroko decided to mail the bulk of their  luggage back home, rather than use the delivery service (because they'd had trouble getting things to Kyoto on time). It was raining, so Brendan carried an umbrella for them on the short walk to the post office. Charlie & I kept track of the kids :) When the moms got home, we gathered the rest of our luggage & tried to keep the kids busy.

When the van arrived, we got all the luggage & carriages in the back, but there was only room for 3 adults & 2 kids, so rather than make 2 trips, Charlie & Brendan grabbed umbrellas & walked. We said goodbye to the pretty house in Kyoto & took off. I took a photo of the 1-way (thank goodness) street that the house is on- it's unbelievably narrow.

When we all got to Takeda station & were waiting for the train, Hiroko discovered that her phone was missing. Momo called the house & they found it. So Hiroko went back up to wait for the car to bring her phone, & we got on the train for Kyoto station. She was taking a different shinkansen home anyway, so we'd have parted at Kyoto station. Nozomu-kun loves trains so much! He kept saying "sha, sha!" & pointing (densha means train :).

I will see them again tomorrow for our trip to Disneyland, so we said "mata ne" (see you later).

We got to Kyoto station & into the shinkansen waiting area, then Momo & I went shopping for ekiben lunches. Momo found one that was veggie for Brendan- yay!! We had about a 40 minute wait, & then got on the train about 12:30. 

We could rotate the seats so that we all were sitting facing each other. Not great for leg room, but great for conversing & keeping Aoi-chan corralled. Then we opened our yummy bentou & ate!

My bentou had a surprise inside- a teeny octopus!

I declined to eat it, so Aoi-chan ate it with gusto & declared it delicious. After about an hour she finally wound-down, & we all were getting very sleepy. She finally fell asleep & we all snoozed a bit.

We arrived in Tokyo around 3:30. Momo & Aoi-chan headed to the train to Momo's mom's place, where they're spending the weekend. We said "mata ne" & found the taxi stand. The taxi got us back to our hotel in Shinjuku without a hitch, and we got settled very quickly. We decided to go to our favourite zaru soba place for dinner & then hit the bakery & grocery store in the department store basement for tomorrow's breakfast. 

Instead of zaru soba, I decided to have a soba nabe with grilled mochi (pounded rice). I love grilled mochi! I checked that there was no meat in it (there wasn't!) & I was not disappointed- yum!!

We shopped, got back to our room, & watched a recent TableTop on Geek & Sundry, & laughed a whole lot :) The early evening sky over Shinjuku was gorgeous.

Although it's supposed to be rainy. Momo, Hiroko, & I are taking the kids to Disneyland. The guys have opted out of this trip. I have to be up early because it's about 45 minutes by train from Shinjuku to Disneyland. Momo & Aoi-chan will meet me at Shinjuku station at 8:00 am. Gotta have an early night! Oyasuminasai!

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