Sunday, July 5, 2015

Japan 2015- Preparing to Go!!

(I posted this on my old blog, Life in the New Republic, by mistake :)

On July 8th Charlie, Brendan & I will head back to Japan. We will spend a week in Tokyo, a week in Kyoto, & then the final week back in Tokyo. This year we decided to rent a house in Kyoto and invite friends from around Japan to visit us over a holiday weekend in mid-July, rather than zoom around ourselves. We know at least 2 families of friends will be able to visit us there, & we are psyched! We also plan to visit Nara for the first time this trip, & re-acquaint ourselves with some favourite places, like Uji.

We are packing and doing the last-minute planning as I type this. I can practically taste the wagashi & green tea, we're so close...

We saw some great fireworks last evening for the 4th of July, & they certainly reflect my excitement to be returning to Japan! Here are a couple photos I snapped last night. See you on the flip side!!!

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