Monday, March 14, 2011

Crocheted Black Lace Poncho

Hi All. I have been very determined to finish some projects that I began last Fall (like the Sycamore poncho) and next on the list was a couple of rows of lacy motifs from this wonderful book Motif Edging 300 (my translation from the Japanese). I used motif #023 (pg 11) and had been messing around with them & some KnitPick's Merino Style worsted to see if I could make a sweater, part of my larger "keep Lisa warm" project.

After putting together a sort of neckline, I measured the blocks to see how many I'd need to go around me. Then I stalled-out, although I did write up a pattern using the measurements I'd taken, so I could start up again when I felt like it. Then, after finishing the Syacamore Poncho, I wanted to make something else poncho-ish & remembered the partly-done sweater. It wasn't to hard to re-think it as a poncho, & so I got to work again over the weekend. I finished it last evening, washed & blocked it this morning, and am very pleased with the results.

It measures about 52"x64", and is 5 blocks long x 6 blocks wide, with one missing for the neck. I used a size I/9/5.50mm hook with the aforementioned worsted yarn. The neck hole was a bit too big, so I did some filler with motif-y stitches to fill it in a bit.

Here's a block close-up:

And here's the whole thing blocking:

I made a picot edge all the way around to pull it all together (& it definitely made it easier to block).

I'm definitely encouraged by this progress, finishing 2 projects in one week, although I'm not sure I can keep it going at this rate... However, I'm very psyched to be able to wear my new poncho tomorrow!

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