Thursday, April 14, 2011

Colourful Crochet Vest

Hello again! I finished this vest about 3 weeks ago, but it got lost in the sauce, blogging-wise, so here it is at last :)

It's one of four sweaters/poncos that I started last Fall & then put aside for a few months, due to the holidays & back surgery. Some time in March I got in a finish-up mood, and it was really fun to finally see the child of my brain come to life. I made it to extend the life of some of my dresses, which always get kind of tired & spotty over time, especially around the bodice. I wanted something light enough to wear over the dress without my getting over-heated, & colourful enough to distract from tired-dress syndrome. I thought that maintaining the bright colours for the full length might be a bit much, so planned for the skirty part to be in one, harmonising colour.

I chose to make it in KnitPicks Simply Cotton Sport & used an E/3.5mm hook. The bottom colour is Prussian Blue, & the rest is made in enough colours that I didn't have to repeat any of the motifs exactly :) I used Motif #020 from もチーフ*エジング300, the wonderful book of crochet motifs that I use all the time. The skirty part is my own design. I used 3 skeins of the Prussian Blue for the skirt & 1/4 to 1/2 of the other 12 or so skeins. (The leftover yarn explains the recent dish-cloth explosion around these parts...)

I was a bit nervous wearing it for the first time, so I asked a friend if it was too "young" for me... she replied that it has that colourful-hippy-60's look (which goes so well with my long hair :) & in her opinion it looks fine on me. Whew! 
It was a lot of fun to make (& finish!!) & it does the job I hoped it would. What more could I ask for? :)

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