Thursday, April 21, 2011

ipad cozy

Hello! We've just arrived home (late last night) from a 4-day trip to Florida to see relatives. You may recall that I've been bemoaning the lack of Spring here in the NE US, so it was lovely to be Warm for a few days. Of course, it snowed here this morning... But I'm remembering this:
It's good to hold some warmth in the heart, isn't it?

In preparation for the trip, I realised that I needed to make something to cushion the ipad in the bag I'd chosen for it to travel in. The bag is a Keen messenger bag made from recycled rice bags :) but the ipad rattled around a bit inside. So I crocheted a simple cozy from Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky wool & a K/10/6.50mm hook. I wanted it to look a bit more interesting than the usual single crochet, so I used the extended single crochet that I learned when I made the Sycamore Poncho. I think it made a really nice fabric. I experimented a bit & then settled on a 25 stitch foundation chain, with 24 stitches as the width of the cozy.

I wanted defined edges, so I made the back, with a flap to wrap over (measuring it against the ipad) & 2 simple loops on the final row, evenly spaced. Then I made the front to just cover the ipad. I crocheted the whole thing together along 3 sides, added 2 buttons (mother-of-pearl ones that I bought a very long time ago), & it was done. It fits quite snugly inside the bag:
and it worked very well on the trip! The bag has 3 pockets for various cords (we were traveling with an iphone & ipod as well), plugs (car & wall converters), the back-up power source, & our earphones. It all worked really well & was lightweight to boot. The cosy took less than a day to make- good thing, since I didn't realise I needed one until Friday & we were leaving on Sunday!! 

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