Friday, April 15, 2011

More Dish-cloths...

I thought the 3-D-ness of this one might make it like a scrubby :)
Spring is finally springing here in the NE US, but it's been cold (brrrr) more than it's been warm. Even though the flowers are exploding out of the chilly ground, I'm still feeling the need for colour, so here are  more dish-cloths made from motifs & from the yarn leftover from the colourful crochet vest.
They're all from the Harmony Guide- crochet stitch motifs book put out by Interweave Press. I used an E/4/3.50mm  needle to make them & added embellishments to all of them to extend their size. The flower one is the smallest, about 7" across, & the others are about 8-9" across.
I am being particularly careful with the weaving-in of ends, since they'll get some hard use as dish-cloths, & I find hanging ends even more unsightly than stains as dish-cloths get older...

And, even if it's a cold Spring outside, I have a warmer one in my kitchen:
Forced forsythia & other branches to help the season along :)

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