Sunday, April 10, 2011

Motif Dish-cloths

The Guild Wars over at Ravelry's Ankh-Morpork Knitter's Guild have gotten me in the mood to make kitcheny things, & also made me aware of the state of the kitcheny things I already have... So when I noticed that a couple of my dish-cloths were getting disreputable I decided to make some new ones. I have always knitted my dish-cloths, so I thought it was time to crochet some. And since I think it's better to make things pretty & colourful while I'm at it, I decided to look through my crochet motif books & find some that would work well as dish-cloths. I was looking for ones that weren't too lacy & had some substance (since you need some cloth in a dish-cloth :), plus they needed to be big enough. I have lots of KnitPicks Simply cotton sport weight yarn in lots of colours, leftover from a project that I just realised I haven't blogged yet! Yikes! Stay tuned...

Anyway, cotton sport-weight yarn, when crocheted, has a similar body to my worsted-weight cotton, knitted dish-cloths, so I decided it would work. The motif at the top is my adaptation of the Royal Square on pg. 94 of The Harmony Guide, crochet stitch motifs. I changed it because I wanted the flower & petals to be in different colours, & the way the motif is presented it's all one row (petals & leaves). It's nearly 9"x9" square & a good size for a dish-cloth, & is now in use :)
This one is your basic granny square, nothing fancy except the colours. Because of the colour sequencing, it ended-up on the smallish side (about 7" square) but I'm going to try it out anyway. It will certainly cheer us up on cloudy days...

I have at least 5 other motifs from the Harmony Guide bookmarked, so I plan to make more. I got side-tracked by a bigger project (soon to be blogged :) so I hope to make a few more dish-cloths from motifs soon. 

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